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Esports tryouts


  • Esports is competitive Gaming done on a variety of consoles where teams of players or individuals can compete against others online.
  • We will be playing  other schools in Albuquerque and throughout the western part of the United States. Although there will be no traveling, students will compete against middle schoolers from all sorts of different places.

How will this look for the athlete?

  • Like any sport or after school activity, students will have to make a commitment to the Grant ESports team. We will have practices after school, and matches each week. While some of our practices may be remote, the students need to commit to time after school each week, usually from 3:15pm - 5pm.
  • Students will also need to complete a grade/behavior check every 2 weeks, in order to maintain eligibility. They may not have below a 2.0 G.P.A, must have no F’s in any class, and must have their teachers ensure that they are behaving in class. Although we will have substitutes, the student must make every effort to attend each practice and match. Schedules will be posted in advance in an effort to minimize missed matches. 

How does my student stay safe in these matches with other schools?

The WRMSEC (Western Regional Middle School Esports Conference, who organizes the matches) has rules, guidelines and procedures to ensure student safety, and privacy. Students will follow a strict sportsmanship procedure, where they will be permanently excluded from participating for the following behaviors:

  • Cursing, taunting, or spamming the chats

  • Early celebrations or quitting before a match is over

Creating any hostile or threatening situations ​​​​​​​Students will be monitored on a system called Discord, a free website/app that allows the coaches to see the students, see their game, and ensure no harassment takes place. Post match surveys are conducted by coaches after each match, and any student found participating in these behaviors will be removed from the team.



My name is Mr. Padilla and I am the ESports coach for the 2022-2023 season!

I am so excited to help launch Grant Middle Schools first ESports team! There is a lot of information in this packet, and I do hope I can cover all the topics and answer any questions you might have. However, if you do have more questions do not hesitate to reach out!My email is And my number here at the school is 299-2113 ext. 30601

 * Please sign up for the Boys and Girls Club at our school following this link: That way if you are unable to pick up your student at 5pm, they have a safe and organized, designated area to head to. 

I am so excited about our upcoming season and meeting and working with all of your students! 

We are going to have an awesome year, and I can not wait to see the amazing things we do this year! 

If you need to reach me for any questions/concerns please email me at

what does this cost?

This is a 100% free after school sport.

All necessary equipment will be provided by the school. If your student has equipment at home (a game console, reliable WIFI connection, the game itself) they may be asked to play from home occasionally, however, they will still be monitored for safety through Discord. 

why esports?

  • College Scholarships building
  • Academic incentive
  • Create a space at school they look forward to